Are you ready for a new dimension of entertainment known as Escape Game?

Would you like to flee from reality and experience real excitement?

The Escape Room Bank is there for you with its most modern, state-of-the-art puzzle rooms in Warsaw!

Enter the world of puzzles and mysteries, use your imagination, sharpen your senses and accept the challenge of running away from the Escape Room Bank!

Why the Escape Room Bank?

We are located in the very centre of Warsaw in a unique building with a hundred years history. The “Wilhelm Landau” bank that dates back to the beginning of 20th century is one of very few historical buildings that survived the World War II. There are hardly any buildings in Warsaw that you could visit and see a genuine safe of 1906! Each Escape Game that we created for you was fine-tuned in every detail and guarantees a great deal of entertainment!


The Escape Room Bank combines history and modernity!

We decided to perpetuate this incredible flavor of the building and we arranged rooms in which you will live an unforgettable adventure! Each puzzle room in the Escape Room Bank is a fusion of history and modernity. For on the one hand, you will get to know events that took place over 100 years ago and on the other, you will face challenges of newest technology!

Pick up a mystery room today and race against time!