Where does the game take place?

Escape Room Bankis located on Sentaroska 38 street, nearby Bank Squere (Plac Bankowy).

How many players play at Escape Room Bank?

The minimal numbers of players is 2, maximum 6. It depends on the room. Check out section: Our Rooms.

Do I need to wear anything special for the game?

You don`t need any untypical outfit, but we advise you to wear something comfortable which let you feel free.

Do I have to bring any additional equipment?

Everything you need to complete the task is inside the room. If you choose the cash payment method don’t forget about money. We don’t accept credit cards.

Will I play the game with my friends alone or with other strangers?

The room is reserved exclusively for you and your friends.

Is the game for all ages?

Each room has different age limit. Check out section: Our Rooms.

In which language is the game avaiable?

Our Escape Gamesare available in Polish and English.

Is Escape Room bank good for team-building, bachelor andbachelorette parties or corporate events?

Yes, it is a perfect place to organize all types of events. Besides three escape rooms we have attractive lobby and waiting area where you can arrange smaller parties. If you are interested in bigger events we also renting spaces for conferences, worshops and corporate meeting in our unique, historical building.

If you have any more quastions feel free to contact us!